Thursday, June 14, 2012

Will Blog for Comments...

I have said in the past that I blog for fun, and not money. I should probably edit that to say that I blog for a very selfish reason: appreciation.
Another blogger agrees... hannah j. holmes
I love to hear that a project worked for someone, or that a post was funny and made someone smile. Fortunately, I do have family and friends that email and say "good job," but I would be lying if I did not get all giddy inside if I saw comments on my blog posts themselves. No you don't have to go crazy and post something on every post (unless you want to), but if something made you smile or prompted you to try something, I'd LOVE to hear about it in my comments. I also would not mind questions. Trust me, I have time to respond to comments.

If you receive my blog via email, which is AWESOME, click on the name of the post in your email and it will bring you to the live blog online. At the bottom of the post is the comment box. I sincerely appreciate any words (well, not ALL types of words). If you want to be emailed, just enter your address in the handy email box at the top.

Speaking of appreciation, I have added the pinterest button to each of my blog posts, so you can easily pin something to your pinterest board. If you are not up to speed on Pinterest, check THIS out.

Now that I unashamedly asked for feedback, I am off to work on my next idea.
Have a fantabulous day!


  1. I wonder if I were more organized if I'd have more time to be crafty, social, or maybe even blog!?!?! Now, how on earth can I find time to add Pinterest to my already crazy schedule? I've avoided it like the plague, but hope that someday....just maybe. Of course, after I complete my classes at Kindermusik University and become a licensed Kindermusik Educator I might just find myself with a little extra time....although mastering the art of Kindermusik will surely take care of that. Although, my 3.8 year old starts preschool in the fall! I do read your blog and am continuously amazed. You.are.amazing. There, I said it and I do mean it!

    1. Christine,
      First, thank you. Second, set a timer for TEN minutes and peek for SPECiFIC things, like, I don't know.....Kindermusik, music educator, music class, crock pot dinners, etc. USE Pinterest as a resource and not an escape (yes, I do that sometimes). It can definitely be helpful! Also, organize in a step by step manner. Pinterest search for "organize books" and see if there is a simple way to prepare for your daughter's impending library growth. Or pick another simple need. Baby steps. You. Are. Amazing. Too. Take care (miss u).

  2. Your blog shows a great dedication. Great job! It is fantastic.


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