Monday, June 25, 2012

Party Ideas: Fun Pink Frame "Studio"

The party this weekend was a blast, if I may say so myself. Here is another project I did for my little girl's birthday. I saw something on Pinterest, found this frame at my local thrift store, and this is what I did.
Other materials include a flat cardboard box, light pink spray paint and a few paper towels.

This cardboard box saves my grass from turning pink. I coat three times to ensure it is dark enough. The molding has a darker tone, and I like it that way. I use the paper towel to remove a LITTLE paint from the molding.

To make sure it gets super dry, I lean it against our porch in our ol' Texas sun. I love this light pink.

Here is our large sized model, Gymbo the clown from Gymboree. This shot is a vertical shot where cropping can occur at the top and bottom. I don't want the feet or clothing rack to show. I want to crop around the frame only.

Here is the vertical shot. This is easy to crop on the left and the right. I take both angles to see which come out easier.

I use a zip tie to attach the wire hanger on the frame to the top of the clothing rack.

This particular clothing rack has two levels, and I remove the top section, so it is not visible. Ideally, I would have preferred no wheels, but you gotta use what you gotta use.

I add a simple pink sheet for the background on the wall, insert a chair for the gals to sit, and have a dress up box of PINK stuff for the girls to use if they wish. When my dear hubby takes the photos, he uses the frame as three borders, so I only had to crop the top out. We ended up putting a plastic storage box under the "frame" so the girls could stand instead of sit. (no pic of that, sorry)
Here are a couple of real party shots. I want to use these as part of a simple Thank You note since we had Goodie Boxes, too. I just love the photo sentiment.
Mya is my little 5 year old princess!!


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