Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Party Ideas: Water Bottle Decoration & Goodie Box

More party fun from this past weekend:
Water Bottle Decorations:
Although we serve pink lemonade at my daughter's party, I also want to provide a monogrammed bottle of water, so the girls can keep from mixing them up and refill them with more water or lemonade if they wish.
1. I use one inch strips of paper that fit around the mini water bottles. I also need tape, two shape punches, left over scrapbook paper and adhesive foam dots/squares.
2. When put all together, it looks like this. Cute, huh?

Goodie Bag "twist"
I want the girls to be able to store their prizes and goodies from throughout the party, and I find these awesome multi-functional PINK locker boxes at The Dollar Tree.!
1. I use the locker box, tape, three shape punches, left over scrapbook paper, and a simple sharpie marker.

2. The finished box is this.

3. Ingredients to start include a pink & green pencil and a pink pail. Throughout the party they add a personalized ice pop holder, a pink, homemade bean bag, a personalized treasure hunt bag, a necklace treasure they made, and a lip moisturizer.

More party reveals soon... it was so much fun.

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