Saturday, June 9, 2012

Necklace Display (Jewelry)

I am on a crusade to find a better way to store and see all of my jewelry. I found a piece at my local thrift store with 12 dowels on it and thought about my necklaces. I found a place in my bathroom that is covered by the door when it is open.
 I marked and hammered two nails to hold the "dowel piece" on the wall.
Here it is as level as possible on the wall at a nice height.
I hung up the necklaces from my original jewelry box. These are all the ones that are not in a matched set. I am a sucker for jewelry sets. Looking at these hanging up in "plain" sight for me to see them makes me want to wear more of them.
Overall, I love this new addition to our bathroom, but I do want to create something for my "sets." The tough thing I am dealing with is storing stud earrings. I don't really do too many dangling ones, which seem so easy to store looking at Pinterest.

Here's to simple ideas.

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