Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Laminated Writing Practice Sheets

Here is a simple one for those of you that want to have a school related activity for the car or at home. 
First, print out a tracing guide that you like. I wanted the arrows that instructed my kiddos HOW to print, and I found bother Uppercase and Lowercase.

Then I used two sided tape to keep them back to back, so they would not slip.

I do not have a heat or cool laminator machine (sniff, sniff), but I did purchase this box of laminated sheets a long time ago on SALE! They are perfect for this project, if of course, you don't have a machine.

You will use 2 sheets. Eyeball the size of your ABCs on a sheet before it is peeled off. It is important to only peel one sheet first. Lie your back to back sheets onto one sticky laminator sheet. Then peel the second one and line up as best you can. There is no such thing as "crooked" on this project because you have room to cut and adjust the laminated border around your ABCs.

Hand your kiddo(s) a dry erase marker and a tissue and tell them to follow the arrows. Depending on the age of your little one, you can work on one letter a day or use the full set as a daily review...especially in the summer.

I also made a horizontal one.

Using laminating sheets or your machine, if you are LUCKY, is useful for so many things. Here's to everyone trying something. Easy, peasy, right?

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