Friday, June 8, 2012

Homemade Puppet Show Stage

Well, it is summertime here at our house. We have gone to a water park, a playground, and the library. Now, we need an indoor activity, but I also had to get ready for my yard sale tomorrow. Yes, I am sorta procrastinating on pricing my yard sale times with this project, but's for the kids.  All we need is cardboard, markers and scissors.

We start with a flat, large cardboard piece. Because I have 2 kiddos, we agree on a scene with two houses and a path between the two. I draw a simple outline.
Before I let the kiddos decorate their own house, I use scissors to cut the doors where they can open and close.
I also cut a window in each house that is more like a flap, so they can choose to "use" the window or not.
I then open up the markers box and let them at it. I do have to dedicate a neutral zone to keep from hearing arguments about one drawing on the other's side. They can decorate their own house, door, window and yard area.
They added doorbells, decorated curtains on their flaps and two separately decorated paths to their houses.
Of course, I could not just stand by completely. I drew a sun at the top and cut a flap to hide it for when it was night time. 
 I was folding it back and my son said, "If we fold it down, we can draw a moon for night time on the other side." My daughter then said, "Please make it a crescent moon." So smart....
The final product is loved by all. I look forward to the plays that will be created.
 Here is a little figurine peeking out his door.
 This peeking figurine has super long hair from pipe cleaners.
Granted, we have not done a full play yet, but when the building of our stage starts winding down wrestling seems to start up. Fortunately, the cardboard is relatively sturdy.
I look forward to our next indoor activity of actually developing and acting out plays. It should be a hoot.
Good luck with this summer's activities, indoor and out.

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