Thursday, June 28, 2012

Party Ideas: Pin It Game (ballerina)

Yes, we take the Pin the Tail on the Donkey classic and turn it into Pin the Tutu on the Ballerina.
The set up:
I use Google to find a simple outline of a ballerina tutu outfit. I trace the outline on the back of some pink floral & pearls scrapbook paper. I then use two sided tape to stick the folded tissue paper on the outfit for the tutu. (I thought I took pictures, sorry.)
I use up all my pink construction paper, so I have to use light blue. :-( Sniff, sniff; I move onward and draw a ballerina, tree, flowers, etc. I trace the tutu image to start the drawing of the ballerina. (I am not an artist!... duh.)
Then I see her with a tutu. Pretty good.

The Game:
The birthday girl gets to go first.
 Spin her to the left; spin her to the right.
One arm behind the back rule.
Oooops, but I look cute, anyway.
End of game.

The 3 winners choose from the prize bucket.

I love me some cheesy party games. I am already looking forward to my son's birthday. Lego games anyone???

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