Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pop Rocks!!!

There I am, finally getting to the check out aisle at Wal-Mart, and what do I see? My kids are picking up a candy package and asking me, "What is this?" I see "POP ROCKS," and all I can do is pause and smile. Do you remember Pop Rocks? I sure do. They were so fun, but were also special. We did not get to enjoy this slice of heaven very often. Of course, it was for good reason. :-)

My kiddos see my smile and ask louder, "WHAT IS THIS?" I tell them it is a special candy that touches the saliva on your tongue and begins to make popping noises and funny feelings on your tongue. They are instantly interested. I then try to remember how OLD I was when I had these. I am the type of mom that is reluctant to give my kids certain things because you can't go back. Well, not very easily. My kids did not chew gum until they were 5 years old. I dare I?

Anyway, I tell them it is a special candy that they will have soon. I am now trying to figure out a special way to introduce them to this fabulous candy, but at the same time, ensure that they know it is not a daily intake food group. Maybe we can build a volcano and watch it explode while they experience their first pop rocks adventure. Maybe we can pull out some sparklers when they go on sale again. Hmmm, any other ideas? Maybe more simple?

Have a great Friday!


  1. Mix just a little amount with ice cream as a topper and they get the effect from just a little quanity of pop rocks and a lot of ice cream! ~susan~

    1. Ooooooo. That sounds interesting; even for me. Thanks!


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