Thursday, July 12, 2012

Felt Paper Dolls

I have been updating my blog and am excited about some of the changes. The most obvious are the tabs at the top of my blog. They are under construction, but look out. I am most excited about linking up all the tutorials to a picture in one place AND my upcoming series on "Pin~busting". More to come on that tease.

Family Crafts via About.Com has wonderful free templates for Printable Paper Dolls as developed by Sherri Osborne. My kiddos and I begin our craft session printing out outfits/bodies and coloring them.

When the paper clothing did not stay on the paper doll as well as my daughter wanted, I turned to my multi-colored felt pack. I take the paper cut out templates she makes & colors, pin them to felt and use my fabric only scissors to cut out the images the best I can.

I cut out the bodies the same way and use permanent marker to draw faces. The one thing I do a bit differently when cutting the bodies is to double the felt, pin through both and cut out two bodies at once.

Here are a variety of images we start with during the end of today's (extra long) craft session. A Susanna mentions using weather indicators for kids to use, as well. I do want to find an extra large piece of felt to make bigger scenes. The kids start to draw pictures on paper, cut them out and then have me cut them out. That part is fun. They added grass, a tree and round apples for the tree.

When done creating, I simply grab a gallon sized reclosable bag to store our completed felt pieces and another for our paper templates.

This is going to be a great project to add pieces: pets, umbrella, food, etc. Any more ideas?

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