Sunday, July 8, 2012

How I Organize my Weeds...

 {Here's to you, Uncle John. Thank you for all your support.  :-) }
Anyone that knows me will attest to the fact that I am pretty Type A and organized. I realize how bad it must seem when people see my back yard.
You see that "tree line" where the weeds line up? Well, that is me trying to control them a bit.
Here is a closer shot to show the height on some of them, but to also show (& rejoice) that I only have a small patch left to attack.
Here is the rest of my backyard. It has been a lot of work, but it has been a slow process. I typically pull weeds when I am already outside: playing with my dog Rosy, waiting for her to do her business, playing with the kiddos and sometimes as a stress reliever (strange, huh?).
If I am going to pull more than 5, but don't want to be out for 20 minutes, I take our back patio trash can and set it near the current tree/weed line. All I do is pull weeds around the trash can. Notice the before and after. Not a huge task, but definitely one I can do in a short time, and the results pay off when these small sessions add up.

I like when the ground is moist/wet, so the root comes up more easily. You HAVE to grab the weed from the lowest point possible. If you pull and see roots....woo hoo!

Do NOT stress if you do not get the root. Will it grow back? Most likely. Will it be as intensive as a yard full of weeds? No. Will it grow back tomorrow? No. Will you get another chance? Heck yeah!  Before I mow the part of the yard that has been worked on, I look for stragglers. I would rather try to pull it again than to keep mowing it and ignoring it. Have I ignored some particularly frustrating ones sometimes? Yep!! So, I pull some stragglers and then mow.
Granted it does make my yard look a little silly, but I would rather have a good chance at pulling the weeds without using weed killer. Because I move a lot with my AF hubby, I do this at the start of moving in to each house. Here is my cut lawn.
Here is the more defined area that i have left to pull. Not too bad.
How do you tackle your weeds? Mow over them? Use a weed killer? Put a picket fence around them and call it a garden?

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