Sunday, July 8, 2012

Party Ideas: Homemade Bean Bags & Games

Here is another craft I used for the birthday party. I like to make easy things for parties..okay, easy things for anything. I am not Martha Stewart, but my kiddos love me anyway. Since my daughter's birthday theme is PINK, I need ideas that can use that color easily..... pink homemade bean bags.
The Bean Bags:
1. I cut 5 inch pink squares from old fabric & sheets.
2. I sew them back to back leaving a 1.5-ish inch opening to turn later.
3. I turn them right side out and insert beans with a paper funnel. [due to running out of time, I enlist two moms to help AT the start of the party...Can you believe that? How awful of me, but SUPER, AWESOME of the 2 moms. Thanks Michelle and Kelly!!]

4. I sew up the holes.
5. and tah-dah.. homemade bean bags.

The game:
Stand on the grass and try to toss your very own bean bag into the pink bucket. Stand politely in line to get a turn. They got MANY tries. :-)
The birthday girl goes first with such concentration.
How about overhand?
How about underhand?
How about overhand?
There are so many varieties of bean bag games out there. This is a simple, fun one. Any other simple bean bag game ideas?
The girls put their own bean bags into their thank you buckets and take them home after the party.


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