Monday, July 16, 2012

Disney Shirt #1~Camo Mickey

The grandparents are making an awesome gesture to our kiddos by helping them experience Disney World. I want to help make the experience a little more fun...tough to do concerning Disney World (AND grandparents), I know. I am brainstorming shirt ideas for the 6 of us to wear to the Parks.

This is idea #1. The Camo Mickey
Step 1: Materials needed: Heat n Bond, design outline, scissors, sharpie marker, iron, shirt, material for design.
The purple package is better if you are
going to sew the outline... I need to go shopping
I used Google images/outlines and changed the percentages
 in my printer settings
Pieces from one of dear hubby's retired uniforms.
Step 2: Trace design onto the matte paper side of the Heat n Bond. I traced 4 "adult" Mickeys and 2 "kiddo" Mickeys. The shiny side should be faced down. IF you are going to be using a design that has a "wrong" side, trace the image backwards/the wrong way.

Step 3: Cut out each image with room to spare.
Step 4: Iron onto appropriate sized material. It is okay if the heat n bond overlaps, as long as the actual images do not.

Step 5: Cut out the design.

Step 6: When the heat n bond is peeled off, the shiny side is what is ironed onto the shirt. When ironing cotton to cotton, you do not need to use a "protective" layer as opposed to this ironing project. Reminder: if your image needs to be "faced" a correct way, you should be cutting out the reverse image, so the shiny part lies on the shirt in the correct way.

Step 7: Be done if you used the red packaged Heat n Bond, or reinforce image with a straight or zig zag stitch if you use the purple packaged Heat n Bond. I personally prefer the straight stitch overall because it is faster, and I kind of like the frayed look on the edges which are still contained by the straight stitch.
Step 8: For us "Minnies" in the group, I add the best bow I can muster.
 I have some 10 inch red ribbon with great white polka dots that I cut into 3 strips. I fold each ribbon into a "circle" and flatten it with my finger. If you are a perfectionist, use a pin, but I like to live on the edge. :-)
I line up my completed camp ears and hold the ribbon underneath the needle. When the needle drops into the fabric, I backstitch it and sew down the middle and back stitch again.
Here are the completed looks.
Easy, peesy. I look forward to our cheesy, group shot taken at Disney World in August.

PS: Any other easy group Disney shirts out there? Please show me!

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