about me

    I am a child of the 1970's and have children from the new millennia. I love to LEARN! I seek out new skills in technology, crafting, sewing, athletics, leading, organizing and many other things.    I also love to MENTOR! I have been fortunate to coach sports, mentor leaders, share my experiences with other parents and see the beauty and strength in it all.
    I have been an official student since Kindergarten, an official teacher since 1996, a military spouse since 2002, a mom since 2005, a Rodan + Fields consultant since 2013, a team leader since 2013 and a friend since I can remember. My list is not exhaustive and neither is yours. Join me on my adventure to learn new things and teach them to others.

Current Hometown:
*Scott AFB, IL 2016-

Previous Family Hometowns:
*Montgomery, AL 2015-2016
*District of Columbia, USA 2013-2015
*San Antonio, TX    2011-2013
*Lorton, VA   2008-2011
*Monterey, CA  2007-2008
*Tokyo, Japan  2004-2007
*San Antonio, TX   2002 (as a Thurston)-2004

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