Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Photo Contest for Couples (Oct 16-30)

Life is busy, but I have to tell you about a contest. I know I haven't blogged lately, but this is really cool. The Dating Divas (an awesome team) are sponsoring an amazing "Halloween Couples Costume Contest 2012." I figured it would be fun to enter Tim and I. They asked for a previous Halloween picture, and these are from 2010. Please VOTE for us because you love us, and not necessarily because we are the most creative couple! :-) (We are #66)

How do we look?

Of course we had to show off our "super family," as well!!

Let's give Supergirl another shot at looking cute.
Much better!!

FYI from their website about voting," Voting will take place between October 16th-October 30th. You will not be allowed to vote for your own photo{s} but you CAN ask all of your friends & family to vote for your entry. You will be able to see how many votes each photo has and which three are in the lead! In order to vote, your friends & family will need to come to this page, find your photo, and vote for it. Everyone will be able to vote for up to TWO photos."

Soooo, if you could PLEASE, PLEASE vote for us, I would really appreciate it!! Vote HERE!

If it is not the correct link, PLEASE let me know, and I will fix it. As for the Dating Divas, they have a fabulous blog dedicated to "Strengthening Marriages, One Date at a Time." It is so creative and refreshing. Feel free to subscribe to their blog or at least check them out. This is the Dating Divas homepage.

Have a great week!

PS: I have lifted my criticism of myself for not blogging more, so I hope to blog more. Does that make any sense? :-)  I was stuck because I could not blog 3x a week, so I ended up with 0 a week. Now I am going to blog when I feel like it. Thank you to everyone who asked me how I had been doing.