Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Online Resources

Resources and a little definition

To get things started, I figured I would list some of the resources I reference and use in my own little world. The internet is an amazing place. Fortunately, there is a lot of great, positive stuff out there that can really entertain and benefit a person! Here are some of my main "go-to's."

Pinterest: This is a wonderful place to gather and share ideas in a visual way. It also allows you to find the original location of the idea to find tutorials or just see what else that person has to say. If you search Lego, you will find many, many pictorial ideas for storage, decorations, builds, or whatever anyone says about Legos. I searched for ballerina party, and WOW!!!

Pinterest is currently invite-only, but you may request an invite here. You may add your own images from your own website or even just your own jpeg from your computer. You can also save other peoples images by using the Bookmark tutorial "Pin It." It allows you to save from any web page out there. Be careful not to get toooo addicted.

YouTube: Yes, I said YouTube. It is not only silly videos of babies or skateboard crashes, but has some very instructional videos. I searched for "how to make a Christmas Stocking," and found the perfect tutorial for my own brain. I also "subscribed" to Tab289, a fabulous dog trainer and receive all of his updates. I love his simple videos on how to train my 4 month old puppy.

Google: Don't be afraid to Google with as many key words as you need. It really helps sort through the mass of information out there. Don't think your question has not been asked before. "How to remove slug mucus." Yes, it has already been asked.

Google/images: Many times, I want to look for ideas or use clip art, so I search a word on Google and then THEN click on the images only tab. Enjoy the view. Example: I searched Valentine's Day Coloring Page and then clicked the images tab. I got to see the samples before I went to the actual website.

Wikipedia: Here I find a lot of data that can help me decorate something, plan a party or just learn. The awesome thing is that it is public edited. If you are an expert at something, write or fix something. On the other hand, take all info with a bit of a grain of sand. It is still edited by humans.

Catholic Channel: I have Sirius Radio and love my Catholic Channel 129... This website helps me follow up on topics I hear on the talk shows or to see what the radio hosts look like, of course. :-)

I hope some of this "research" information is useful to you. If you have any simple tools others or myself might overlook, please comment and share.

Recently, I have had the Spring Cleaning bug, but mine includes crafting and of course, organizing. I look forward to posting steps I have taken to spruce up a few things. Please do not expect Martha Stewart (that is my friend Robin.)  I am truly a scrap-lifter, craft-lifter, knowledge-lifter!!!  I love to learn by watching others, but sometimes my own brain comes up with new ideas. I look forward to sharing! Have a great Tuesday!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 1 into the semi-unknown...

Day 1!!

Howdy World Wide Web!!
I am excited to embark on a new learning journey by starting this blog today. If anyone reads this, wish me luck in getting started and maintaining this blog. I hope to share what I have done and what others have done to inspire me. Have a wonderful Monday.