Monday, March 7, 2016

My Rodan + Fields personal product use

I have been having a great time using products from Rodan + Fields. As a tomboy, I never thought I would say that. My skin feels and looks healthier than ever.
Overtime, I have used various R+F products and these are some of my own photos. I did the best I could to show real results.
My first results photos in 2013.
I was ready for my close up. 2013
One year apart and no make up in either photo.
We have SPF Mineral Peptides in 3 shades.
Can you tell which side of my face has the Light and Medium Shades?
Playing with our Foaming Sunless Tanner was the best.
No orange legs for this pale gal.
Zoomed in image of my crazy experiment.
And my experiment with both legs a month later.
(4 total pumps; 100 pumps per bottle)
Bye Bye, Blackheads.
We have great mini-regimens.
Our "Fill A Wrinkle While You Sleep" Acute Care Patches
have a 95% success rate expectation after just one night.
My "11" took years to develop, and I was surprised
it was filled in even a little.
Check out my pictorial tutorial for the Redefine Regimen, Multi-Function Eye Cream, SPF Mineral Peptides, Eye Cloths and the patented AMP MD System.  :-) 

Stay tuned for more results. I am enjoying Aging Backwards.

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