Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ping Pong Anyone?

Living in San Antonio, we don't have a huge need for indoor activities since we don't have too many rainy days, or snowy ones for that matter. We do like to escape the heat a bit though, so we do a lot of crafts, etc. Last month we came up with a fun, active and safe indoor activity that ended up costing NOTHING.
We had the beach paddles already, but you can use racquetball, badminton or other type paddles. We used a lightweight yet bouncy plastic ball, but we also progressed into using the paddles to keep a balloon in the air. They had a blast. I did leave the tape there for about a week, but with painter's tape, it was very easy to remove

Do you have any super easy, quick games for inside your house during rainy days?
Have a great one!

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