Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Bribe Book?

My kiddos are great subjects when a camera is around. They have beautiful smiles and fun poses.

 That is.......MOST of the time. They can also be pretty nutty in front of a camera. Sometimes it is because they WANT to be silly:
pull-up head twins
 opposite day
 be a pet
gotta brush
mr. cyclops
bath star

Sometimes it is the result of some "poor" decisions that I catch:
tantrum (I have a better one somewhere)
huge "funny" sneeze booger (sooo gross)
fingers in the mouth (busted)

Enter.... the "Bribe Book."
This is something that I have always thought about in jest. I recently had the idea of actually putting one together. Many moms talk about pulling out the baby pics/silly pics when their kids start dating, but I have not "seen" it in action. Come on, moms. Enough with the threats! Gather those pictures and DO something with them. :-) Stay tuned for my future progession in actually putting this idea into action. Even if I never pull it out to really embarrass my kiddos, don't you think the "threat" would be more real? Actually, I will most likely show my kiddos the book monthly or so to try to avoid future "inappropriate" photos. What do you think?

Have a Great Day!

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