Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Face Painting Value

We like to go to festivals, parties, Seaworld and even just head out to the zoo. What my kiddos like even more is going with a painted face. I especially love it if the location we are headed offers face painting. I grab my simple face paint kit I bought at Walmart, pull out my brushes and get to work. 

Fortunately, my kids don't need super masterpieces, although we did do a full green face one year for the Hulk. Here is my fabulous spider with red eyes.

Here is a wonderful pink heart with red dots around it that my daughter loves.

The end result includes two happy kids and a protected wallet at the event we attend. This is also great for birthday parties or even just play dates. If you get past the fear of needing to do a full face, you will be surprised that most kids are happy with ANYTHING on a cheek. One time I drew a few simple pictures on a piece of paper and told the kids to choose.

Do you have any simple money savers that bring joy to the family at the same time?
Have a great day!


  1. One of my great money savers is that I take glow items that we already own to the theme parks so at night when they are selling the high priced light up swords I already have mine plus glow necklaces from the dollar store. And my son doesn't care where it came from just so he has something that lights up or glows!

    1. What a great idea for expensive Disneyworld!!! Thanks


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