Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Great Garage Clean Out Challenge Week 2

Week 2
I am still working on I'm an Organized Junkie's Great Garage Clean Out Challenge. It was important to make a plan for the garage, purge and separate/ put together like items with like items.

1. I measured the shelves and other larger things in the garage using my own feet.

2. I then tried to draw out the garage with the stepped out measurements.  Definitely not to scale, but close enough.

3. I drew a general picture of WHERE things might go. Sooo much. (Some of this "overload" is due to some lackluster indoor storage.

4. Here is my purge pile. It is in a line where my car would be, so after the Yard Sale I can celebrate by parking inside.

5. I covered our air hockey table with a moving blanket, which will NOT be moved outside. :-)  I put all my kitchen ware that does not fit inside our kitchen on the table to sort and then re-shelve.

6. Another "pile" that did not go outside was our holiday decorations and our tall bookcase of future games & books for the kiddos. I did take down all the boxes and restock them according to holiday. Some shelves were swapped out for others to use the space most efficiently. It seems so much more peaceful. As for purging more from within the boxes, that will continue throughout this year's round of holidays. I feel it will be easier to do holiday by holiday.

7. Outside piles included bikes, scooters and sports items.

8. I made an outside pile of our folding tables, chairs, extra winter blankets, box o' bags (i love bags) and 2 old computers. I need to give myself a deadline to get information off of the two hard drives or it won't happen.

9. I also have 3 clothing racks (great to hang up costumes and for jackets during birthday parties), winter gear, jackets, hangers, and clothes the kiddos have outgrown.

10. Granted this 2 bike rack is inside, I still have to figure out how to organize 3 adult bikes, 2 kid bikes and 2 scooters. I KNOW a lot of us have this problem. Maybe someone will come up with the perfect simple solution that allows: limited space usage, easy access of bikes by adults and kids alike, and a low price tag.  Any solutions yet???? Anyone???

Good luck to us all!


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