Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Blogging Realization

Today is Tuesday 24 April 2012, and my wonderful in-laws are visiting.  Fortunately, my mom got to visit 2 weeks ago, as well. Our kids are so blessed to see family, especially as military kids. Right now my house has all kinds of half-way done crafts sitting around and even some completed ones waiting to be put away. I am getting better about taking pictures for this blog, but I still have a ways to go.

My big realization today is that I need to stop fretting about a perfect blog and just post what I can. I have uploaded quite a few projects that I have worked on and ideas that keep floating around in my head. It seems like I need this blog as an outlet to remove things from my cramped brain. I have not blogged in a month and am ready to jump back in, warts and all. Here goes.

The kids and I like to read the book "We Share Everything," by Robert Munsch about a kindergarten class that is taught to share everything. Two new kids have difficulty with this concept and fight throughout the book until the end when they decide to swap clothes. Needless to say the teacher looks flabbergasted and then ALL the kids decide to share clothes.

One day my kids were quiet in my daughter's room, and emerged like this:

They were laughing so hard, it was contagious. Here is to my dedication to my blog and to my family. :-)

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