Thursday, April 26, 2012

My New "Everyday" Accessory

Most of us have a few things in our closet that make us feel great when we wear them. Typically, it is because others appreciate them, as well. I love compliments. Yesterday was a fabulous day because I wore my favorite cowboy boots and received tons of compliments.
[Photo by my 4.8 year old daughter.]
Here is an up close photo from the day I bought them. They were my birthday present in October, and they are so fun. Right now San Antonio is experiencing FIESTA. I wore these to an event yesterday, and they were perfect. With all the compliments, I think I want to wear these EVERYDAY! I will at least wear them more often.

Do you have something is your closet you love? Honestly, have you worn it lately?  
Have a great day!

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