Wednesday, February 1, 2012

San Antonio's Big Lou's Pizza....WOW!

A big pizza WOW

This is not a paid commercial by any means. I had heard of Big Lou's Pizza and thought, "Okay, this is another mom & pop operation selling pizza." Then I heard it had been on the Travel Channel's Man vs Food. Hmmmm, interesting. Then last night, I went with some military spouses and ordered their 42" pizza. Yes, 42" pizza.

After we were able to gain functionality of our dropped jaws, we dug in. We literally had to fold a single slice 2 times to eat it. Some even used 2 plates. Nine adults and 5 kids under 8 years old waited over an hour for this pizza and almost finished it in about 25 minutes.

Aside from the uniqueness of its size, I do have to add that it was a pretty, darn good pizza. I don't think I will return very soon, but I will return...with as many people as I can take with me.

My family normally tries to eat well, so this was definitely a treat I will remember.

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