Thursday, February 2, 2012

No Sew Leg Warmers for Girls & a Valentine Pill Box

No-Sew Leg Warmers for Girls

Sometimes my days are very unmotivational. Other days I am on fire. I have learned that for ME, if I am having a "fire" morning.....I CAN'T STOP!! I have to bounce from activity to activity without taking more than 5 minutes to chill. If I get stuck on Pinterest or watch a Tudors episode on Netlflix, my day is toast.

This morning, my dear daughter got dressed and something was missing...leg warmers that semi-matched at all. I have purchased some and "made" some. In Central Texas we don't worry about snow, but it can get chilly. Well with her chosen outfit, she did not have any warmers. That is until I searched through my stash. This is what I found.

This is how I no-sewed them.

This is how cute they are with or without some accompanying socks.

TAH-DAH!! Easy, huh?

Valentine's Day Pill Box

Off to school we went, and when I got home I cleaned the kitchen, started laundry and began to craft-lift/create this Valentine's Day pill box.

Supplies (very lenient list):
Pill box from Dollar Tree
colored paper/decorated paper
cutting tool
pinking scissors
hole punch

Step 1: Measure and cut paper to be adhered to the lid of each pill box section to cover the day.

Step 2: I used a pair of pinking scissors to randomly cut rectangles out of left over fabric from a wreath I made for Valentine's. I then laid them in the bottom of each chamber. I personally did not adhere them, but I guess you could. I liked the "nest" it formed for the treats.

Step 3: I then measured and cut decorated paper for the inside of the lids to cover the see through part of the day. Fortunately, I found a pattern where I would not have to cut through the hearts. LUCK...

Step 4: Add your treats and decorate lids with glitter stickers, etc. As you can tell, I am not Martha Stewart. I did not take care to use only pink, red, purple and white candy.  :-)

Step 5:  I then punched red circles, punched pink hearts, adhered together, punched a hole, inserted twine and attached the tag in two different ways. One is tied around a lid and the other is taped to the inside of a compartment and hung.

Step 6: Give to a teacher, school nurse, librarian, mail carrier, garbage collector, etc.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day!

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